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Helping companies to increase their visibility and sell in China

Helping companies to increase their visibility and sell in China​

Why China?

China is a growing economy with sophisticated customers ready to spend their money on foreign brands. They want quality products with the prestige of Western goods and luxury. While the rest of the world is facing an unstable economy, China has seen unprecedented growth, especially in the past 5 years. This growth won’t stop. That’s why you must consider expanding to this market if you want to really grow your business this decade . Will you be our next China success story?
Jean-Yves Laguillez
Emotion Digital CEO & Co-Fondateur

Marketing specificities of China market

Branding is everything in China

Social media marketing is key to build up e-reputation

Engagement will make the difference

E-commerce is big on Chinese social media, social commerce is growing even faster

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Emotion Digital helps its clients to realize their China market potential and ambition in the world largest market.

Among attractive opportunities, there are the markets of Education, Lifestyle, Health & Well-being, Food & Drink, Environment, Services to Industry…

China business strategy according your ambition

Digital marketing roadmap

Create brand visibility and awareness

Management of your social media accounts

WeChat marketing

WeChat B2B

Make your business go viral on Chinese Social media

Make your brand a friend on WeChat, grow your community


Official accounts set up

Social media accounts management

Digital content creation

KOL’s and influencers

Press releases

*: WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, XiaoHongShu, Zhihu


The cost-effective E-commerce solution

Platform registration
Store design on social media *
Stores management
Cross-Border e-commerce
*: WeChat, XiaoHongShu

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Space to post jobs offers in Emotion Digital

Writing content about Chinese brands, good attention to details and creativity

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