The story

About us

Emotion Digital is digital marketing and consulting company to connect brands to China market which is the largest and most growing in the world. It was born in 2014 under ManjingTechnology as a web studio for China market

We are expert in WeChat marketing to help customers to perform and develop business in China via one-stop solutions, and provide them the right cocktail of Chinese social media* for the best customer experience

We fuel the growth of our Western and Chinese customers in China, with the passion and ability to execute of our Chinese team

What sets us


Local Knowledge, Global Service

Together with our local presence in Shanghai and Paris, our management team is made up of native Chinese and European members. We have inter­national western corporate experience while un­ derstanding Chinese consumer’s mind­set, behavior and culture.

What sets us


The experience you need

With real working experience in digital marketing and a complete understanding of the demands of international businesses as well as the subtleties of Chinese culture, we provide the best marketing solutions to execute your strategy in selling to China.

Resources on demand

We collaborate with our clients by providing customized solutions for your China marketing strategy.

We also work with selected partners in China to give you the best, most holistic offering for your campaign.

Marketing specificities of China market

Branding is everything in China

Social media marketing is key to build up e-reputation

Engagement will make the difference

E-commerce is big on Chinese social media, social commerce is growing even faster

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Why China?

China is a growing economy with sophisticated customers ready to spend their money on foreign brands. They want quality products with the prestige of Western goods and luxury. While the rest of the world is facing an unstable economy, China has seen unprecedented growth, especially in the past 5 years. This growth won’t stop. That’s why you must consider expanding to this market if you want to really grow your business this decade . Will you be our next China success story?
Jean-Yves Laguillez
Emotion Digital CEO & Co-Founder

Don't believe everything you hear

If you needed a new heart , would you trust someone who only performed surgery once?

Of course not.

And it’s the same for Chinese digital marketing agencies today.

They over-promise and underdeliver because they pretend to know everything about every social media.

But if you don’t know how the Chinese market really works, then you’II never get the results you want.


As WeChat and XiaoHongShu specialists, we consider ourselves true practitioners.

And our mission is to be the best at what we do to give you the best results.

Melody Li
Emotion Digital China CEO & Co- Founder