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Opportunities for Western Companies in the Chinese Fitness Industry

The health awreness is continuing to grow in China and consumers want to pursue a healthy lifestyle. As the global economy suffers under the weight
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Direct to consumers sales with WeChat

Why develop Direct to Consumer sales on WeChat? Brands should also not overlook the development of brand-owned direct-to-consumer sales in China, even if active on
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The importance of Chinese name in brand localization

International brands have to adapt to Chinese consumers in order to be more appealing and receptive to their brand. Brands need get trust in such
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SEO Baidu

Tips for Improving SEO on Baidu

In the West, Google has virtually the monopoly on Internet search in most countries. But in China, Baidu (百度), HaoSou (好搜) and Sogou (搜狗) search
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6.18 Shopping Festival

6.18 Shopping Festival : another high turnover post Covid-19

The 18th of June was the 6.18 Shopping Festival in China, known as the crucial business opportunity for all e-commerce platforms, occurring from 1st of
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Short videos are the new format for selling

How short videos became the new format for selling ?

Nowadays, according to a fast pace of life, people need brief and short information. Instead of a long and detailed written format, people prefer to
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Weibo for brands marketing

How to use Weibo for brands marketing ?

Instant messages, a limit of 2000 characters by posts, pictures grids, short videos, Weibo’s functionalities look similar to Twitter, used in western countries. At the
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Retail in China

The Future of Retail : China Experience

Despite the coronavirus pandemic occurring at the end of 2019 in China, retail sales now increased 34.2% compared to the previous year in March 2020.
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520 Festival in China

520 Festival : Celebrating Love in China

The 20th of May in China, couples send to each other by message : “520”, pronounced “wu er ling” whose sound is similar to “Wo
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Gamification with Valentino & Animal Crossing

Gamification : between creativity and customers loyalty

E-commerce gamification in China has always been a top strategy for festivals such as Double 11. But now brands are using gamification in all marketing
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