Gen Z represent the next engine of domestic consumption growth.

Gen Z make up  about 15 percent of China’s population and is first digital native generation.

Brands seeking to tap into China’s evolving consumption growth story must  pay attention to the factors shaping opinion and behavior among Gen Z:

  • China’s Gen Z are most likely to buy products spontaneously
  • Desire for ‘unique’ products and services, customized products
  • China’s Gen Z are relatively more loyal to brands, which requires to leverage customer relationship management on social apps such as WeChat

To reach Gen Z, brands should focus on economic,environmental,social in their narratives. They need to act as supportive pillr to their consumers, promoting values that they want to be associated with. Read more in this article (

Omnichannel shopping is on the  rise. In response to this demand for an omnichannel consumer experience, several brands that were initially successful  as online-only stores have expanded offline

Gen Z gravitate towards individual merchants on ecommerce platforms due to greater  transparency and more quality assurance.

Word-of-mouth, the online version through social apps, most influential when it comes to purchase decisions.

Also short-videos apps have the world’s young consumers hooked with their easily digestible feeds on Douyin or other apps. China alone is responsible for 86% of TikTok revenues. They are really shaping Gen Z consumer behaviors.

Gen Z is the new growth engine that brands should care about.

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