Is WeChat worth using in a marketing campaign for B2B business?

If you are a company from the B2B industry, it is also a must to use WeChat for marketing if you do business in China.

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It is a must for B2B business to use WeChat for marketing campaign. In particular, it is worth for brand awareness, for lead generation, and to maintain your business relationship with customers

How to do B2B WeChat Marketing?

Create a comprehensive Content to bring you the right audience and encourage sharing

Social media is about content. The right content will bring you the right audience. It has to be appealing, interactive and entertaining.
You need to encourage sharing the content to your audience.

WeChat should not be just company news. It must be also have educational and social features. To educate your audience is an excellent way to get leads in China.Chinese people want to learn more about your history, your values, your experiences and your products offer.

Paid Campaigns using WeChat Ads are effective to Success

For a new created account, utilizing paid options to give the account an initial boost is very effective, in particular for B to B

Join WeChat Groups and Engage with your audience

WeChat groups are where people with the same interests exchange ideas. Find and join WeChat groups related to your industry, and share your best articles, cases studies and create stories to get more leads.


Every WeChat official account has a QR code, which works as the “business card” of your WeChat account. The QR code can be used in exhibitions, brochures…

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