On March 24, China’s first panda-themed train (hereinafter referred to as “Panda Train“) was put on the line in Sichuan, running from Chengdu Station along the Chengdu-Kunming Railway to Emei Station.

Panda Train in Sichuan
Panda Train in Sichuan

According to the relevant personnel, the body of the “Panda Train” is painted as a whole, and the whole internal and external decoration is designed in accordance with the theme elements of “Panda”.

In terms of hardware, compared to ordinary trains, the “Panda Train” has added humanized service facilities such as long viewing tables, audio-visual entertainment, constant temperature shower systems, and the entertainment compartments are equipped with machine mahjong tables, thus realizing the scene of playing mahjong on the train.

In order to meet the personalized travel needs, “Panda Train” can also provide customized services such as afternoon tea party, theme party, cocktail party and so on.

All the preparations are made to deepen the tourists’ experience of the trip.

According to the characteristics of tourists’ emotional needs, combined with the characteristic product of Sichuan panda, planning marketing activities with a specific atmosphere, tourists can participate and get a beautiful and profound experience.

Panda Train in Sichuan

Experiential marketing was put forward in 1998. They think that consumers are both rational and perceptual when they consume. By means of seeing, listening, using and participating, experiential marketing fully stimulates and mobilizes consumers’ perceptual and rational factors such as senses, emotions, thoughts, actions, relevance, etc., to arouse consumers’ thinking, association, and make their actions and experience, and constantly transmit product brands through consumer experience.

Tourism experiential marketing adapts to accurate positioning and communication, provides personalized products and services for different consumers and consumer needs, and efficiently realizes the needs of tourists.

Panda Train in Sichuan

By providing tourists with personalized products and services-distinctive carriage decoration, entertainment facilities such as mahjong tables and audio-visual equipment, and special cocktail parties to deepen tourists’ impression of the characteristic logo of pandas, so as to deepen tourists’ impression of Sichuan tourism culture and brand.

The prevalance of the digital communication has changed the way people think.Information transparency is seeing a dramatic increase,which leads to fragmented information feeds that overwhelm consumers, making event marketing more challenged than ever. In this context, focused and powerful content is needed to expand brand awareness and lead effective communication — which echoes with what panda IP marketing can achieve.

As a personalized brand, IP can build strong emotional relationships, create loyalty with consumers, and provide solid basics for higher profit margin.

This is also the unique value of experiential marketing.

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