Marketing fundamentals have not changed in past years, it is above all based on “Word of Mouth”.

But we have now technology to make it even more powerful and generate private traffic. Private traffic can save money on advertising budget.

WeChat marketing is about word of mouth using WeChat smart app.

With WeChat and WeChat mini programs, followers shares and comments with others. Brands can collect data about customers feedbacks and behaviours in order to improve customer experience, and brands become a friend of the followers.

It is why it is so important for brands to generate what we call “private traffic”, or in other words “ direct brand to customer communication “ . WeChat is good solution to generate private traffic.

As it is owned traffic, it is free and accessible. And it enables brands with an opportunity to give better customers services by communicating directly to customers on the social media, to establish a long term relationship with them. Then it increases loyalty of customers.

The private traffic creates a bond between brands and customers that is emotional.

 You cannot rely only on public traffic from E-commerce platforms or Weibo. You need to become part of followers friend circle of your customers to generate data then to analyse it.

By converting the audience to your own traffic with WeChat, you get only trusted contacts as it is a closed platform. Then you can continuously engage with them.

Private traffic can save brands a significant amount of advertising budget as a longer term relationship will be established with customer

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