Slow marketing strategy for an authentic brand in China selling candles and scents:

In this fast paced China, there is a Chinese flagrance brand , “To Summer “ that is successful thanks to a slow marketing approach leveraging its quality and authentic products!

The Chinese flagrance brand sells crystal candles or scents with traditional Chinese elements behind every candle, as younger generations are increasingly taking pride in their heritage.

The home flagrance market has reached critical mass in 2020 in China after being boosted by Covid 19 as young consumers have been shifting their spending from bigger purchases to ones that could improve their life quality.

The brand sells products only through WeChat mini program, and updates product inventory only on Thursday night.

The brand wants to deliver a slow pace of living for its customers, and every product is well designed and customized to make consumers improving their life quality. Each scent is a bottle of time

Many customers buy it as a gift which is great driver of organic word of mouth marketing. As people will share the pictures on WeChat moments which minimizes the brand promotion budget.

Since his launch in 2019, the brand quickly became a social media sensation, soon opening also a flagship in Beijing.

Their star product, a scented oil that is dropped onto natural crystal stones and comes in a glass jar, is perfect for social media posts.

It is a deliberate choice of the owner of the brand to stay at the slow pace to match the post Covid stay home economy, with people more demanding about sensory experiences in their home. Also crafting art takes time.

While they have enough demand to grow the brand more quickly, the management team wants to stay at this slow pace for now and in coming few years. Thus slow marketing strategy for this brand has really been beneficial.

In China, brands should always find creative and innovative ways or strategies to emerge from the fierce competition.

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