Studying on Bilibili is the new trend

Studying on Bilibili is the new trend

Bilibili 哔哩哔哩 (also known as B 站) is one of the most popular video sharing platforms in China with anime, manga, and video game fandom-themed.

Users on Bilibili can spend time watching all kinds of videos about lifestyle, cooking, livestreaming video games and studying content as well.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, studying has shifted to a full digital process. Bilibili has already been betting on the education market, with millions of education-related videos uploaded by its users. 

With more than 140 million views in 2019, study-from-home content has been the most popular category

Let’s see the trends related to education :

Bilibili, the official online platform for education

Last year, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has designated Bilibili as an official platform for online education in facilitating online classes. All the schools have done livestreamed classes or recorded classes and Bilibili has set up a special section, named Kongzhong Ketang (Classroom On-Air in English) for students to access the platform.

Universities like Tsinghua University and Peking University have also joined Bilibili with livestream classes and graduation ceremonies.

1.6 million followers on Tsinghua account

Studious environment with livestreaming study rooms sessions

With over 8 hours in a row, videos of study room sessions (自习室) have been seen by at least 1.8 million users. It creates a studying environment in real time. By using the #StudyWithMe on Bilibili, users stream their study routine and provide a help for people who are preparing for exams or for those who are looking for a virtual companion that makes them feel less lonely.

Virtual study room on Bilibili

Mentoring lessons

In order to help students learn foreign languages, viewers can watch some videos along with a mentor’s voice teaching grammar and giving exercises. Viewers can write their questions and answers in the comments below the video where the mentor responds individually.

Learning English video on Bilibili

Learning English video

English teaching tutor on Bilibili

Chris provides English learning videos for Chinese people

Students can also watch videos from well-known edtech apps such as Yuanfudao or Zuoyebang.

Yuanfudao is a tutoring app that offers a wide range of online learning products like live lessons and Zuoyebang is specialized in e-learning. Powered by machine learning, the platform provides online courses, live lessons and homework help to students ranging from kindergarten to high school. 

Variety of resources for self-learning

On Bilibili, teachers, experts or users share their acknowledgement about literature, computer science, law, psychology, finance and foreign languages.

Luo Xiang, professor of law at China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing, talking about criminal law

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