Should you consider Douyin in your China sales and marketing roadmap? Maybe you are thinking that Douyin is just the TikTok of China, but it is much more than this!


Owned by Bytedance, Douyin 抖音 is the Chinese version of  TikTok,

Douyin is only accessible in Mainland China. Users from both platforms are kept completely separate and are not able to interact with each other.

Douyin is the country’s top destination for mobile videos with 600 million daily active users.

While Douyin is the undisputed leader in the short-video field, the platform is also featuring longer and distinctive video formats that engage users on a whole new level, include long videos, livestreams, Pinpoint locations to achieve O2O conversion, e-commerce seamless integration to assist purchase

Not only short videos formats


They have different audience: the main users of TikTok are Gen Z but the audience for Douyin is 16-45 years old. Therefore Douyin has a larger audience and more mature.

Douyin has more advanced features and updates compared to TikTok, and has more educational and knowledge-based videos as compared to fun, silly orientated videos on TikTok.

Douyin is widely used for B2C or B2B marketing, even for industry products.

The main difference between the 2 apps is about e-commerce capabilities which are much more advanced on Douyin.

Douyin vs TikTok


Douyin has a native e-commerce system.

You can purchase directly in Douyin. The store could be linked to other applications in the Bytedance ecosystem, such as Toutiao, Huoshan Video, and Xigua Video. The most popular e-commerce categories on Douyin are women’s clothing, men’s clothing, cosmetics, and food products

  • You can directly access shoppable products from different areas. It can be from your profile, from live-streaming, via individual posts, from the search bar…For exemple, brands can add a product tag in their video posts. Once you click on a product tag, you are directed to the individual shoppable product page when you can do your purchase. Also the product page recommends other similar related products that you could like.
  • It has a nearby button where you can switch your location on the app
  • Sponsored hastags which are unique to brands. They are used to drive user generated content.
  • Douyin creates a seamless digital shopping experience through cooperation with traditional e-commerce platforms. It makes easier for brands to sell their goods but also makes shorter the purchasing journey for consumers.
You can access products from different areas
  • Douyin offers countless possibilities for advertisers to raise brand awareness and boost conversions. From in-feed native ads to engaging hashtag challenges, there are countless ways for advertisers to reach their target audiences.


To establish the best marketing strategy on Douyin, you need to adapt the videos formats to push the curiosity and interest of consumers.

To succeed in China, you need be very creative.

 In order to get noticed, find the ideal frequency to broadcast your content.

To engage your community, engage with users. Like the hashtag system on Weibo, on Douyin influencers can use a “challenge” to be more visible to targeted users. They are used by users because they increase the popularity of your account. Create a partnership with some influencers.

Douyin offers countless possibilities for advertisers to raise brand awareness and boost conversions. From in-feed native ads to engaging hashtag challenges, there are countless ways for advertisers to reach their target audiences Using influencer marketing on Douyin is an effective way to build awareness of your brand. This social media marketing strategy allows you to quickly increase your visibility and expand quickly your community. Also, you can more easily track your audience engagement rate.


Brands cannot ignore Douyin in their marketing and sales strategy in China

Douyin is a marketing tool that companies must take into account in their China roadmap.

Douyin is today at the confluence between entertainment, influence, and e-Commerce.

It is better to open a certified account and to use hashtags, create challenges and make partnerships with KOLs and KOCs.

In addition, many advertisements are available to companies that can unleash their creativity through open-screen ads, feed ads, or even stickers. The most important thing is to stand out and to know your target well and to be as creative as possible.

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How to use Weibo for brands marketing ?

Weibo for brands marketing

Instant messages, a limit of 2000 characters by posts, pictures grids, short videos, Weibo’s functionalities look similar to Twitter, used in western countries. At the beginning, Weibo was made for personal use but more and more brands are active on Weibo because companies can build databases, promote their brand image and drive traffic to their website.

According to Statista, as of the first quarter of 2021, Weibo’s monthly active users amounted to around 530 million. Weibo is not only a tool for boosting brands’ visibility, but also a tool for brands to better understand Chinese audiences and get closer to customers.

Here are the good practices of doing marketing for brands on Weibo :

Building brands’ notoriety through search function

Using search function allows the user to find posts related to keywords on the research box. By jumping on trending topics, brands’ posts will be kept under the topics related to the post’s description.

Besides, the posts can be consulted at any time and by everyone, unlike the companys’ accounts on Wechat where users have to subscribe to be aware of the latest publications. 

As for famous events like Chinese New Year, 520 Festival (as known as Valentine’s Day) or the upcoming 618 Shopping Festival (as known as the largest mid-year shopping festival in China), brands are launching presales campaigns for ongoing products or limited edition products.

Chaumet, the French luxury jewelry and watchmaking brand, has chosen as brand ambassador the famous Chinese actor and singer Zhang Yixing (Lay Zhang) for a series of love-themed jewelry.

Weibo’s account of Chaumet about luxury jewelry for 520 Festival

Content share facilities

Cross-channel is the key. When scrolling down the timeline, users can easily share a post from Weibo to Wechat. 2 options will be suggested : create a post on the user’s Wechat account (it will appear on friends’ Wechat Moments) or send to a friend by message (private traffic). After going through Wechat, the user can go back to Weibo and keep on browsing or stay on Wechat.

Creating a post on Wechat including a Weibo’s link

Creating a post on Wechat including a Weibo’s link

Sending a message to a friend on Wechat including a Weibo’s link

Sending a message to a friend on Wechat including a Weibo’s link

Weibo’s user journey highlights these types of actions :

  • Passive (scrolling down content)
  • Active (commenting and liking)
  • Reactivity (sharing on other social medias)

E-commerce integration

Through its partnership with Taobao, Weibo users can put links to Taobao store and products’ page in their posts.

Products' page links on Weibo

Video of @kakakaoo about L’Oreal lipstick on Weibo

Running campaigns

Targeting is quite precise on Weibo and the Chinese audiences’ ages vary from 14 to 60 years old. Brands can tailor campaigns in the format of display ads or Weibo search engine promotion.

Selling via live streaming 

As on Douyin, Wechat and Xiaohongshu, buying during a live streaming is one of the best time selling opportunities since live broadcasting gives the viewers the feeling of proximity and authenticity with the broadcaster. 

Live streaming on Weibo

Live streaming of jade jewelry selling

Social commerce is now possible on Zhihu


有问题,上知乎 ! (For any questions, ask Zhihu) is the slogan of Zhihu, a Chinese platform where you can get answers for all kinds of topics.

With 220 million registered users, Zhihu is a real tool of trust since it creates interactions of questions and answers between a group of people around a subject. 

To begin with, why is Zhihu essential to brands ?

Online reputation management in China impacts so much on a brand’s image and visibility. Chinese search engine results and social media platforms are effective tools used for increasing online reputation. The best way to make a brand visible on the Chinese market is to implement a global marketing strategy on the main social media including Wechat, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Douyin and Zhihu. Thus, by developing your strategy and raising brand awareness on Zhihu, you increase your brand’s visibility and build effective long-term promotion.

Besides, using Zhihu is also a tool to improve a brand’s Search Engine Optimization thanks to a high domain authority on Baidu, consequently one Zhihu page will be displayed on a Baidu search engine result page, no matter what the date of publication is. 

But except from being a community-based platform, Zhihu is now seen as a lever for doing business.

Here are some new functions added on Zhihu :

Brands and Product Recommendation Program :

Brands (Chinese or foreign brands) can post articles or answer questions related to their products by linking to a product on their websites or e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Pinduoduo or Sunning. It is the best way to drive traffic and to help effectively potential customers.

For example, on the pictures below, a user asked for a liquid foundation. After describing her bad experiences with luxury brands like Armani, Lancôme or Estée Lauder, she is looking for any recommendation for other liquid foundations adapted to dried skin.

Among the answers she received, several products like Make Up For Ever’s foundation were recommended with the product’s details and application advice. If the user clicks on the button “去购买” (purchase) on the right, he is redirecting to the product page. 

Recommendation on cosmetics products with product’s links

Creators can also link their products to the shop (商品橱窗) on their Zhihu account main page. Besides, livestreaming sessions now include a shopping icon that leads the users directly to the product page on e-commerce platforms or leads to the creator’s store on Zhihu. Briefly, everything is done to facilitate the customer journey within Zhihu.


Creator’s jewelry store clickable on the creator’s main page

Raising trust through experts’ insights :

Zhihu uses knowledge, information, and personal experience that could influence the decision-making process of any potential consumer before purchasing. But the other main point of Zhihu now is the presence of experts including writers, scientists and businessmen that show legitimacy to the users.

Entertainment and inspiration on Zhihu :

If some users are looking for answers to specific questions, others just want to have fun on Zhihu. Films, videos, documentaries, and even TV series can be streaming and creators can receive a commission based on video views as well. 

The following picture shows a video introducing the interior design style from North European countries. By displaying a series of pictures, it gives inspiration on house decoration for fans of design.

Video introducing the interior design style from North European countries

VIP access

Zhihu is a free platform but users can take advantage of special contents or flash sales if they belong to the VIP club.

According to the topics you are interested in, a selection of articles or most popular contents is recommended on the membership tab. 

Other articles accessible only on VIP access

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Why KOC are more impactful than KOL ?

Key Opinion Consumers in China

Today, implementing influencers or Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in a brand’s strategy is very efficient and even essential to reach the right customers

By their large audience (+29 millions followers on Li Jiaqi’s Weibo account), KOL are heavily influencing their followers’ purchasing decisions by presenting a product. Nonetheless, they often belong to influencers agencies with whom you have to negotiate the price and well-known KOL require a lot of money.

When choosing the right KOL, brands should make sure that the KOL content fits with the brand image, and that the audience is the right one.

You also need to be aware that many KOLs are fake and you need to make your own due diligence to choose a KOL.

Apart from KOL, a new group of influencers is more and more effective than big influencers : Key Opinion Consumers (KOC)

Here is the reasons why small and medium companies should consider to bring KOC in their marketing campaigns :

KOC are followed because of their lifestyle rather than popularity

Fashion and cosmetics addict on Xiaohongshu

Today, followers tend to follow other people that share personal stories and inspire by their personal lifestyle (healthy food, pet education and nutrition, field of studies, gaming…).

KOC don’t work in influencers agencies but by showing pieces of their daily life on social media, they indirectly influence their community.

For example, the last bag they purchased in sales, the new brand pet food they bought online or the food delivery service mobile app they recommend, all represent influence on their followers’ decision of consumption.

KOC are more accessible than KOL

Food recipes on Xiaohongshu

With a smaller audience (less than 30 000 followers) than KOL, KOC can easily get in touch with their followers and can give some recommendations to them based on their own experience.

KOC are trustworthy

Showing dog food, clothes and accessories on Xiaohongshu

When buying products, people are more likely to talk to a “friend” than a brand ambassador that promotes products. People are looking for authenticity and advice.

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Sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop

Sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop is a smart investment for new brands looking to enter China market.

Cross-Border refers to an online trade between a business and a consumer located in a different country through marketplace platforms and e-commerce sites.

The Covid-19 has put the cross-border at the forefront with international travel shutdown.

Cross-border commerce has become a quite effective way for international companies to develop into China market without setting up a company in China.

It is quite attractive for SME, or for new brands to test the market before investing further.

Cross-border commerce is a relay of growth for brands outside of China to start entering the Chinese market while minimizing the risk.

China is a digital mobile country where you can do everything on mobile, especially on WeChat. You can sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop.

Social Selling with WeChat in China is growing fast. Social commerce is growing at 40% rate versus 20% for traditional e-commerce. It represents already USD360 billions in China versus USD 36 billions in US.

CBEC (Cross-border e-commerce) represents more than $100 billions in 2020, including social commerce.

All these numbers show that it is the smart choice for international companies to enter China with CBEC if not yet in China, and that social commerce can be the first step. This is even more true for SME.

How to enter and sell to China market for new brands?

Branding is first in China. Without brand e-reputation and awareness, you cannot succeed.

First step to enter China is to develop your brand awareness on Chinese social media, WeChat and Weibo in particular.

It will take 2 years about to establish your brand in China.

You need first to open a WeChat official account: Check here How to open a WeChat official account?

With WeChat, you will nurture your leads and develop a community. WeChat has lots of tools which can help you to grow your community and brand awareness, as it is really at the heart of the customer journey.

Then you can start to sell your products with WeChat with an e-shop.

Sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop, is really the most cost effective way to test or enter the market for SME or small brands.

WeChat stores give the brands the opportunity of entering the market step by step. The cross-border store is leveraging WeChat power to build a direct relationship with your customers.

Later-on when you are ready committing substantial investment, you can open store on Tmall global or worldwide, or any other platforms. In parallel, you must keep your social selling on WeChat as social selling will continue to grow in China in coming years.

When you will open stores on main traditional e-commerce platforms, you should consider a cross-platform strategy to be put in place.

Regarding comparison between main Ecommerce platforms and WeChat shop, herein for reference:

Our recommandation:

  • WeChat social commerce is a good China market entry point for western brands to enter China thanks to its integrated ecosystem
  • Tmall or are promotion heavy platforms with dominating traffic resource, more suitable for well known brands. You need ready to invest for long term

The WeChat store

The shop itself is built within WeChat, and linked with your official account.

The consumer will use a smartphone to browse products in your WeChat store. It is only one click away from making a purchase.

Then She/he will use WeChat pay to pay in one click.

Without leaving WeChat, consumers can finish a closed-loop purchasing process from learning about your products to finishing the payment.

When set up a WeChat store, it also requires to integrate the payment method with WeChat pay, to connect the shop with a warehouse, to register in China customs, and tie into a foreign payment gateway in the backend.

Of course, the WeChat store must be built in Chinese.

Strategy of CBEC shipping

In China, it is better to have short time delivery. It is then better to organize the supply Chain using the bonded importing model.

Many e-commerce pilot zones/free trade zones have been set up. You can then store your goods in a bonded warehouse in China mainland. The bonded warehouse model is more suitable for higher sales volumes and long-term solution.

On the payment is completed in WeChat, the logistic operator at the free trade zone connected to the WeChat store clears customs and dispatch the product.

Most of the FTZ logistics operators manage the WeChat stores stocks, inventories and distribution.

It is also possible to use the personal parcel or Business commercial shipping at the very start of entering China, but it gives longer delivery time. It is called the direct shipping model, products are shipped one by one.

Opening a Cross-border shop in WeChat

It is a project by itself.

It requires to follow a process and planning to be managed. It takes between one and 2 months to accomplish all steps.

We recommend brands to use a digital marketing expert with CBEC expertise to open a cross-border shop in WeChat together with the opening of the official account.

Emotion Digital can support your strategy to enter into China, help you to set up your WeChat marketing solutions and CBEC WeChat store.

Sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop is the right approach to enter China for unknown or small brands in China.

Benefit from our integrated Chinese social media approach with expertise on WeChat marketing to increase your brand awareness, boost and nurture your leads and sales.

Contact us, if you want to know more about China cross-border e-commerce and China marketing.

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Written by : Jean-Yves Laguillez

Digital marketing during Chinese New Year

chinese new year

Before explaining about digital marketing during Chinese New Year, what is Chinese New Year ? Lunar New Year falls on February 12 this year as we bid farewell to the Year of the Rat and usher in the Year of the Ox.It is most festive time of the whole year for Chinese.

“The ox, in Chinese culture, is a hardworking zodiac sign. It usually signifies movements so, hopefully, the world will be less static than last year and get moving again in the second half of the year after the pandemic.Ox is the symbol of diligence.

Lunar New Year preparations during Covid-19

The pandemic has forced many to change the way they celebrate Lunar New Year.

In China, many preparations and celebrations are expected to be done virtually as the government has asked its citizens not to travel home to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
In response, some tourist sites are offering free entry for those forced to spend the holiday away from their families. Meanwhile, companies have launched tools for people to have a “cloud lunar new year,” providing everything from virtual markets to conference tools for online reunion dinners.

But no matter how one celebrates, there’s a lot of preparation involved if you want to follow the Lunar New Year according to traditions.

To know more about the main traditions:

It begins about a week ahead of the new year.On the 26th day of the last lunar month — February 7 this year — festive cakes and puddings are made which means growth for the next year.

The big cleansing is done on the 28th day, which is February 9 this year.

Lunar New Year fortune banners are hung on the 29th day, February 10.Normally, Lunar New Year fairs will be set up during the last days of the lunar year, most selling trinkets and flowers for the new year.

But because of the pandemic, many cities have downsized or canceled their festivities.

The year usually wraps up with a big family reunion dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve, which falls on February 11 this year.

The menu is carefully chosen to include dishes associated with luck, including fish (the Chinese word for it sounds like the word for “surplus”), puddings (symbolizes advancement) and foods that look like gold ingots (like dumplings).After the feast, families will stay up past midnight to welcome in the new year.

The entire festival lasts 15 days

Though many Western nations refer to the Lunar New Year/Spring Festival holiday as Chinese New Year, bear in mind it’s celebrated not just in Chinese communities all over the world but other Asian nations such as Vietnam and South Korea.

Countries that observe Lunar New Year often offer three to seven days of public holidays but celebrations aren’t complete until the 15th day of the first lunar month, also known as the Lantern Festival. (Lunar New Year in 2021 lasts from February 12 to February 26.)

Families tend to have different sets of rules and traditions, but most will bless each other with auspicious words like “san tai gin hong” or “shen ti jian kang” (wish you good health).

During normal times, when people aren’t in lockdown, they’re expected to visit relatives and friends during the festival — except for the third day of the month. Day three of Lunar New Year (which falls on Valentine’s Day this year) is named chi kou, or red mouth.

What you need to know about digital marketing during Chinese New Year ?

For brands, Chinese New Year is one of the most important times for marketing and advertising to Chinese audiences, as Chinese New Year gives us the much anticipated permission to shop for gifting, for self-upgrading, or, for no obvious reason at all. So every Chinese New Year, advertisers battle it out for Chinese consumers’ attention. This year is no different. 

For Chinese people, giving red packets with “Lucky Money” inside and sending good wishes is at the top of the must-do list during Chinese New Year. 

In 2014, WeChat first launched a function allowing users to send digital red packets with real money via WeChat chats. It soon transformed the way of red packet giving. Now led by WeChat and Alipay, almost all main social media platforms allow users to send digital red packets to each other. How to open a WeChat official account?

Brands, too, have adopted digital red packets as an essential marketing tactic. This year WeChat opened access for brands to customise their digital red packet design, which has attracted a wide range of brands including most famous fashion brands to launch their own digital red packets for the Chinese audience on WeChat.

Digital red packets are a great way to engage with your Chinese audience, offering them cultural relevance as well as brand-specific communication. If you want to know more about digital marketing during Chinese New Year, do not hesitate to ask us. Our Chinese team will be happy to share more with you!

Emotion Digital wish you all a happy New Year ! Health and prosperity!Happy New Year of the Ox!

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Digital marketing is also for B2B in China

Digital marketing is also for B2B in China. With WeChat marketing, you can build your brand in China.

If you are not present on Chinese Social media, you do not exist in China. And this trend is even more true post Covid-19.

In B2B, the communication between companies is also between people who are used to consume and be on digital for their life.

(read also Is WeChat worth using in a marketing campaign for B2B ? )

China is a digital and mobile country.

Email is not the right channel to communicate with customers or suppliers. And employees are also using platforms such as WeChat for work and communication.

At the foundation of a good marketing strategy, there is the education of the market to create awareness of your brand and products and services. Social media are also the right solution for market education. Then seminars, fairs can be run together to increase touching points when back to normal time after Covid-19 crisis.

Herein the basics of a marketing strategy:

The double We: Weibo and WeChat for lead generation and to nurture your leads.

You need to open official accounts for both Weibo and WeChat. Official account is a trusted account which has been certified.

Weibo is good tool to attract leads to your WeChat account. On WeChat, you will nurture your leads through personal interactions.

WeChat groups will help you to educate the market thanks to the sharing function. Companies can communicate and answer to their leads and customers on the WeChat platform.

It is also easy to show your products on WeChat thanks to H5 pages or mini programs.

Make sure that the accounts are manned, that questions are answered quickly.

Baidu: the search engine to implement SEO and SEM strategy .

Google does not work in China. Potential customers need be able to search for your products on Baidu.

You need run a Baidu PPC campaign to make sure that your ads can show on the top position where you target your leads. This will drive traffic to your website or platforms.

You can invest in a quality chinese website that meet B2B customers just to be ranked on Baidu to let customers find you. The website can be done after few months from China entry.

Zhihu: equivalent to Quora.

It is the professional platform in China and also quite a good place to educate market. Many experts are using Zhihu in China. You can ask questions to get answers


For leads generation if your community is very well connected with Western world. Linkedin is a good B2B platform, unfortunately many Chinese companies are not using it

Digital marketing is also for B2B in China such as WeChat marketing. And this is different from western countries.

Find out more:

Emotion Digital can help you define your B2B digital marketing roadmap and implement it effectively. You can follow us on Linkedin . And contact us for a first free consulting call to support you about your Chinese B2B journey.Book your call here:

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Mistakes to avoid to enter successfully China market

Enter China market

There are the most common mistakes to avoid to enter successfully China market for western SME

Not adapting to Chinese culture or to the Chinese digital environment

You cannot just copy your western strategy or digital marketing strategy to China. It would be a failure, and would cost you a lot of money.

You cannot make mistake about China cultural codes.

Also there is a need for localization of your brand but it is important to have right level of localization. Localization is more than just translation. You need think about key visuals, brand designs, key messages….localization is about finding the parts that need to be changed to make Chinese consumers more receptive to the brand, rather than change everything. When localizing your brand, you need change how consumers relate to it.

The China digital landscape is also different, and you must use the Chinese social media to develop awareness of your brand. Chinese people. You cannot use google or facebook, and it is useless to do digital marketing using your western website.

Misunderstanding of Chinese consumers in terms of behaviours or expectations

The Chinese consumers are different, have different tastes and requirements. Before selling your products, you need to check about the Chinese market, the local offer, Chinese consumers preferences. It really depends also on consumers groups (Chinese provinces, ages,…).

Chinese society, consumer mindsets are always evolving, and brands should adapt to new context and market trends post Covid-19:

  • After Covid 19, the main values for Chinese consumers have become safety, be healthy, well-being in home. In the past, be successful and be wealthy were at the top priorities
  • Milleniums and Gen Z are looking for environmental friendly products, It was already a trend which has accelerated post Covid. They expect that the brands that they buy from to have an ethical stance both environmentally, socially and health
  • Growing environmental concerns push consumers willingness to buy eco-friendly products in China, boosted by on-line shopping platforms and government push

When marketing products, brands need to make sure that they address the largest concerns that consumers have for each one.

Without a proper approach, brands can waste a lot of money and time to succeed in their China business development.

Underestimating the complexity of Chinese market

Brands need to understand what they are able to offer, and how it can fit into the Chinese lifestyle. Competition is fierce with local brands.

Chinese demands are not homogeneous across the country. China market is quite complex and is the size of a continent. China is a very large country with long distance between provinces. Culture from North China is very different from Guandong province for instance. Customers expectations is quite different in Tier 1 cities versus low tier cities. Many international brands are ignoring the fast growth of low tier cities which is a mistake. But to reach low tier cities consumers, you may need to have a specific offer.

The complexity comes also from the digital environment as there are so many digital apps to reach consumers depending on your target. The brands need to choose communication points that will appeal specifically their target audience.

 Also a digital strategy must be omnichannel in China as you need to reach consumer with about 10 touch points versus 3 in western world , which requires more investment. However branding must remains consistent over all touchpoints which requires proper planning and execution.

Not having strong brand or not properly build up the brand in China

Brand power dominates in China.

A brand will not be successful in China if not successful in home country.

Branding is everything in China. Chinese consumers are more likely to investigate a brand before purchase:

  • Many consumers have been cheated with counterfeit products, fake reputable brands and domestic brands that are expensive but of poor quality; accordingly, they become paranoid and cautious towards unbranded products.
  • Additionally, Chinese people buy brands not only for the functions they have but also to reflect their social status and improve how other people perceive about them. Chinese consumers are willing to pay more if the brand can bring them prestige and respect among their social circle.
  • Brand positioning should be first focus for a new brand in China

It is important to tell your brand story to the Chinese audience after defining your brand identity and position in China.

Misunderstanding of the right use of WeChat

WeChat is the main social media in China for life and for business, and any brand doing business in China must have an official WeChat account.WeChat is at the heart of the digital marketing strategy.

But you should not think of your WeChat account as the channel to attract new customers. WeChat is the place to nurture your subscribers to convert them in customers or retain them. WeChat is critical part of your funnel. But you need to invest other marketing resources into other social media or off line events /shops… to get followers to be converted into WeChat. In particular, you need invest on Weibo or XiaoHongShu or other medias.

For more tips about right use of WeChat, check our linkedin page

Not having the right partner in China

Lots of western companies have failed in China. In many cases it is also due to wrong partners as agents for sales or in a JV structure because there is no common vision, or because the interest of local partner is different. Checking the back-ground of a partner in China is a must, and you need local people to do it.

In terms of digital marketing, you need to have also a digital marketing specialized in China market, professional in terms of Chinese social media and marketing, to understand the local culture and customer needs.

Misunderstanding of the business culture

Giving face is a critical element of the Chinese business culture.

Giving face is all about preserving a good image for your company and team, your partners. It is vital when conducting business in China

Also you need to take into account Chinese calendar and holidays which is different from West (Chinese New year, Mid-automn festival…)

Going directly to e-commerce platform for SME

You must build up your e-reputation first. China social media users are far more active than in other countries and Chinese people are doing everything in their life with their mobile.

Also social media has a larger impact on the buying decisions of Chinese consumers than on those of any other country. If a Chinese consumer sees a product being discussed positively on a social media site, especially by a friend or acquaintance, they are far more likely to actually purchase the product than his or her counterpart in other countries. Peer recommendations have huge influence in Chinese culture, as formal institutions are less likely to be trusted. As your targeted audience is active on social media, you have to be present on social media.

After developing your brand awareness and e-reputation, manage your followers and subscribers community, you can then start selling on e-commerce platforms if you can get the right turnover to get meaningful ROI.

Not securing the IP

Before expanding your business in China, you need to obtain the necessary rights to ensure that you maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

Since China uses a first to file system for patents and trademark protection applications, it is then highly recommended to obtain IP protection for your business in China as soon as possible

Not taken into account China speed 7 times faster than in West

There is about a factor of 5 to 7 between China and western speed. You need to run your business in China at China speed, and have very quick decision process.

In China, there is always something new, new regulations, new competitors….The trend tomorrow is dead next month. You need to review your marketing strategy every year.

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