Gamification : between creativity and customers loyalty

Gamification with Valentino & Animal Crossing

E-commerce gamification in China has always been a top strategy for festivals such as Double 11. But now brands are using gamification in all marketing campaigns to capture consumers’ attention and increase their engagement, and then convert in sales.

One of the reasons is that shopping in China is first of all experience and entertainment.

Raising interest through Consumer enjoyment

In order to catch the attention of Gen Z customers, Pull&Bear (Spanish ready-to-wear brand) launched “Pacific Game”, a game which displays a virtual trip from California to Tokyo, inspired by arcade classic games. The aim of the game ? The player’s objective is to avoid obstacles and grab clothes. People can get access to the game from Pull&Bear’s Wechat official account.

[Photos from Pull&Bear’s Wechat official account]

It is about a new environment which allows the user to interact with the game instantly, without downloading it. 

Curiosity, fun and enjoyment are all intrinsic motivations, consequently people will gain inherent satisfaction by playing a game.

[Photos from Pull&Bear’s Pacific Game]

Game collaboration 

Customization in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is extensive. Having the ability to carve out your own island is possible and there have been some stunning designs and methods used since the game’s release.That’s why Valentino showed off looks for the character’s video game.

On Valentino’s Wechat official account, users can click on the Animal Crossing’s characters, then view clothes worn by a model.

[Photos from Valentino’s Wechat official account]

E-learning and Entertainment

In the educational field, a growing research interest in using mobile augmented reality (AR) and the gamification concept have emerged to promote environmental education and to improve the learning experience process.

Fun China World is a game-based platform for learning the Chinese language and culture. From beginning to advanced level, learners are immersed in a virtual China where they accomplish quests by answering quizzes, interacting with different characters and exploring Chinese culture.

In addition to providing students with an immersive entertaining learning experience, the platform also provides tools for classroom teaching, such as homework assignments and other online learning system functions to meet the needs of schools and families.

[Photos from Fun China World]

It is well developed by experts with the background in technology, linguistics, education and game design. Every new update is notified on their Wechat account.

Wechat is a unique Chinese social platform where gamification can increase brand’s awareness and customers’ loyalty. Moreover, brands are able to keep accumulating and operating their own digital assets and finally, converting to sales.

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