Chinese consumers are the growth engine of the world

Chinese consumers are the growth engine of the world, they are confident, ready to spend. Since March 2020, all restrictions implemented in China have kept most of China virus free which make them optimistic.

And among Chinese consumers, the most powerful group is female. Chinese women are empowered to decide on their lives. Chinese female consumers account for 3/4 purchases in China.

It is a huge opportunity for western brands if they are able to adapt to the current consumer environment.

Prior to Covid-19, China was already part of the most advanced countries in terms of digitalization, with half of the Worldwide e-commerce in China. Companies already engaged in digital transformations were able to accelerate momentum, and successfull cater for increased demand for online shopping and other digital services.

Aside for on-line shopping, Chinese consumers have embraced new digital activities that do not require in-person interactions, leading to at in at-home occasions. This is what we call the stay-home economy. We can mention the huge increase of e-learning, in-home wellness and fitness, e-gaming activities.

Chinese consumers have become more health and quality conscious as a result of Covid-19.They are trying to improve their health and ability to fight against virus. In particular, female from 20s to 40s are now able to push for consumption upgrade taking into account quality, health and safety, premium brands. You can read more about female consumers with article from Natalie Meyer(

The safety of the family group and personal health have become among top concerns of chinese consumers, and this has impacted the consumer behavior. One third of consumers have switched to new brands during the pandemic, driven by factors such as availability, discounts, and promotions, as well as perceptions of safety.

Trust is even more vital as consumers navigate an uncertain environment with majority of consumers turning to brands that they trust. In this sense, brand story and purpose are critical to build trust. And building e-reputation is a must for any western company entering China market which is the reason Why WeChat is a must for your business

Chinese consumers are the growth engine of the world. For brands to be successful in China market, it means that they need to adapt to the change of behaviors of consumers and change of the consumer environment which has shifted:

  • Accelerate on-line and omnichannel strategy: On-line must be seen as must do. It is important to maximize the efficiency of each channel, and to consider the interaction of different channels (on line or offline), social commerce and traditional e-commerce. Social Selling with WeChat in China is growing fact. All social commerce is growing currently at 40% rate and should be part of the omnichannel strategy.
  • Innovate product offer and services to answer to shift of consumers behavior and expectations, in particular regarding health and safety criteria.
  • Be agile and reactive regarding market approach to face fast changing environment
  • Review brand story to make sure that the purpose of the brand is well clarified. Purpose of the brand has also become a main criteria for young consumers to choose a brand

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