Chinese consumers have become the world’s first 1 billion people digital social network

Chinese consumers are connected 24 hours 7 days via smartphones, both to businesses and to each other. Their behavior is digital first. Most everything in consumer China begins with smartphones.

The result is Chinese consumers are increasingly acting like a 1 billion person, interconnected network and it is really powerful. Chinese people are spending several hours per day on WeChat to chat with friends or collegues, to order food, to pay bills to government, to answers to their customers…

For exemple:

  • Reviews, experiences and word of mouth spread broadly. WeChat has just digitalized word of mouth. A company’s brand and image are now far more determined by what connected Chinese consumers say than by what the company says. If you have a service in China, or a shop or a restaurant in Europe, Chinese consumers are talking about it on line.
  • Widely shared content, such as short videos, long videos, live streaming:content,is mostly happening within the social media applications
  • Good or bad events about a company can go viral within hours
  • About one third of retail in China is now done via e-commerce, which means money moving within the social media applications. It is huge. Add up all the e-commerce of France, Germany,Japan, UK and the USA combined, and China is still bigger.

So what happens when this type of money flows within the social apps.

Some amazing things can happen.

For exemple:

  • Connected Chinese consumers can be powerful marketing agents for smart companies. Digital marketing initiatives by companies like Dior and Burberry are designed to get consumers to talk about their experiences or respond to challenges. And this user created content and commentary spreads in the social apps.
  • Connected Chinese consumers can be powerful sales agents for companies, as shown recently by the huge rise of group buying e-commerce site Pinduoduod. It is sometimes called social commerce but it is really just about getting consumers to convince other consumers to buy. And it happens in social media.

If you can activate the social media apps as a business, it can resultin a lot of money moving quickly.

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