Virtual influencers : the future brand ambassadors ?

Virtual Influencers in China : the future ambassadors ?

Recently, programmable virtual influencers are becoming much more attractive to brands.

Blending together artificial intelligence and anime characters make virtual idols / influencers who are digital creations that have been a buzzy trend in the viral marketing world since the first appearance of Lil Miquela, a social experiment and virtual influencer made by 2 Americans.

The emerging virtual idol sector, backed by China’s younger generation, has been on the fast development track in recent years, with more domestic internet firms increasing investment in this market.

How do virtual influencers reach consumers ?

Idols in the fashion industry

The doll-like Noonoouri is one of the more successful international virtual influencers in China. In 2018, Alibaba Tmall Luxury Pavilion launched a mobile game with Noonoouri where users could dress her up with different outfits of famous brands.

Created by the Munich-based graphic designer Joerg Zuber in late 2017, she fronted the cover of Vogue Me China and signed a contract with Condé Nast China, allowing the publishing company to represent her in the traveling market. 

Noonoouri collaborated with Vogue Me, Furla and Gucci

AIGLE, the French brand has chosen Noonoouri as virtual ambassador to present its Virtual Traveller Spring Collection dedicated to travel in the digital age

Apart from being a fashion inspiration, Noonoouri also raises her voice for children, animals, nature and feminism and supports organisations such as Fashion For Relief and WWF.

Private traffic for social e-commerce

Perfect Diary has created an efficient CRM system on Wechat that builds closer relationships with customers : Xiao Wanzi (小完子), the virtual beauty advisor.

On Perfect Diary’s Wechat official account, customers can select 擦小完子 (contact Xiao Wanzi), then add her to their contacts’ list with a friend’s request.

Xiao Wanzi will appear in the chat’s list and will send messages as if she were a real friend.

Xiao Wanzi, Perfect Diary’s virtual beauty advisor on Wechat

Xiao Wanzi is yet another successful customer experiment, one combining influencer marketing with creating private traffic.

Perfect Diary is personifying its band image through the fictional character Xiao Wanzi and is funneling customers and WeChat followers into groups. In these Wechat groups, people can share the kind of beauty tools they use, their feedback about it and the shops where they bought it. Perfect Diary wanted to create a friendly and intimate atmosphere, as close friends chatting moments.

Xiao Wanzi is mostly in charge of bringing up topics and answering questions. She also gives the group members exclusive promotions and first access to new products. 

Consequently, Xiao Wanzi represents the perfect tool of building trust and loyalty to the consumers.


Xmov company created AI performance animation technology character named Ling (翎). She promotes Chinese national tide called “Guochao” (国潮) as the national essence of Peking Opera and the combination of classic and modern fashion.

Ling on Douyin

With commercial programming, the 3D virtual figure will engage in business endorsements, live broadcasts, and participate in online and offline activities.