Direct to consumers sales with WeChat

Why develop Direct to Consumer sales on WeChat?

Brands should also not overlook the development of brand-owned direct-to-consumer sales in China, even if active on big e-commerce platforms such as Tmall or  

As you know in China, WeChat is your Website, therefore DTC e-commerce should be implemented on WeChat. Chinese consumers are not using website for e-commerce.

WeChat is the leading platform in China with more than 1,2 billion monthly active users.

The main features are:

  • Official accounts which push feeds to subscribers, interact with subscribers and provide them with contents
  • Mini-programs are really apps within an app. It is possible to do business through a mini-program while users can enjoy other functions
  • Channels, the new feature of WeChat launched this year, where people can enjoy short videos shared by their network and other business owners

“A WeChat DTC business offers brands multiple touchpoints to engage with consumers proactively and repeatedly, maximising the lifetime value of a single brand,” says George Xie, Planning Head of CPG Industry at Tencent Marketing Solution.

 WeChat has touchpoints spanning the entire consumer journey from awareness to loyalty, then brands have a greater opportunity to engage with and reactivate client profiles once they are part of the brand’s WeChat database.

DTC or traditional e-commerce platforms have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on business profile, brand milestones, range of audience….

Brands should not rely only on DTC or only on traditional e-commerce platforms, but develop a mix of both.

However at the time of China market entry, we advise to start with DTC only if you address the consumer market. It is cost effective way to test the market and start the sales.

With the development of cross-border e-commerce, WeChat shops are also a good solution to connect Chinese consumers with foreign brands.

Activating WeChat Stores

There are 2 ways to activate WeChat store, as explained below:

It is important for brands to create scarcity through campaigns and marketing initiatives to generate sense of urgency for consumers to shop on WeChat. They must give a reason to visit and shop directly on WeChat.

Brands also need to ensure that the quality of content on their WeChat Stores is proper to excite consumers. Besides making sure that the store is constantly updated with the latest campaign products, brands should leverage visually trending  formats such as videos or animations on this channel as well.

It is also possible to launch new or exclusive products only on WeChat store to differentiate from other marketplaces. This is usually the strategy of some luxurious fashion brands.

Brands are also starting to explore other entertaining methods of shopping within the WeChat ecosystem, such organising raffles to give consumers a chance to purchase limited edition products.

Driving Traffic to WeChat Stores

One of the most effective ways a brand can drive traffic to its WeChat Store is through content published on its Official Account. A brand can push content directly to its followers’ WeChat inboxes up to four times a month, and these content pushes should be fully leveraged with relevant product links and calls-to-actions embedded within articles to drive consumers to the WeChat Store

Brands can also drive traffic to their WeChat Stores by designing specific user journeys.

And it is also possible to use advertising or other social media platforms to generate traffic.

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Wechat Channels for Marketing

Wechat Channels

If you use Wechat, you have probably been using Wechat Channels, a section launched since January 2020, accessed through the Discover part of the Chinese super-app, right underneath Wechat Moments. 

Wechat Channels is a public feed of video and photo content, which can be searched using keywords and hashtags.

Wechat Channels is build through social connections

Wechat Channels is working on 4 different feeds :

  1. Accounts you follow
  2. Content that your contacts have liked
  3. Real-time trending content 
  4. Content posts according to your actual location (only if you give the right in the parameters)

Wechat Channels

As a brand, your content could be liked, thus appearing on their friends’ Wechat Channels. Consequently they could like your content as well or just scroll down, and that is raising your brand’s awareness.

Short video is highly recommended

Short video marketing is an indispensable part of a brand’s digital journey in China. Wechat Channels mostly highlight short videos because people want to see fun and entertaining animated content. Video shares are a powerful indicator to consider.

Wechat tends to recommend other similar content to people and it can help brands to reach more potential target audiences.

Drive traffic inside Wechat

Starting with a video seen on Wechat Channels, people could click on your brand’s official Wechat account or click on your product’s page and Wechat mini-program if you provided it.

The shop is linked to Wechat account on which cooking tools are sold (on the second picture above : mini rice cooker and hot plate)

DTC brands are taking advantages of Wechat Channels

Using Wechat Channels is a good way for Direct-to-consumer brands to deliver products directly to customers without going through an intermediary. Consequently the delivery process is faster and more personalized.

Besides, consumer data is easier collected for brands to improve their CRM system.

Example of customer journey through Wechat Channels

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WeChat B2B marketing

How to succeed in B2B with WeChat

Do you know that WeChat is also for B2B marketing? In Western countries, B2B industry gives less attention to social media for brand awareness and lead generation.

However, visibility on social media in China is critical for B2B companies.

WeChat is right solution for marketing campaign in B2B businesses in China.

But how to succeed with WeChat B2B marketing?

Why is WeChat important for B2B marketing?

Any business in China has its own WeChat official account. It has become a powerful marketing channel to reach a targeted audience.

WeChat is a great tool for businesses to leverage your products to Chinese clients.

WeChat monthly active users have reached more than 1.1 billion! It is really the smart app that Chinese people are using 24 hours a day in their life and at work.

WeChat has also a quick search engine then many people are using it for quick search.

Check How to open a WeChat official account?

If you do not have a WeChat official account, you are not visible from your customers, suppliers, leads, then you do not really exist.

It is better to have a WeChat official account rather than a Website in China.

What are the main features of your WeChat account?


Of course WeChat allows users to send documents such as powerpoint, pdf, excel files which is quite convenient. It is the commun way to exchange documents in China.

WeChat is also a messaging app for business use, it replaces the email.

Automatic reply

It is the message that a customer first follow your account, will receive. This welcome message introduces the account, promote the recent campaigns. It is important message as it is the first impression given to new customers.

Translation tool

WeChat offers an in-app translation tool which is quite convenient to use in business communication between western countries and China.

It really helps the communication with the audience.

Group messages

It is possible to send group messages to your target audience, according to location, gender. It is helpful for targetted marketing.

Customized menu

WeChat gives you the possibility to add up to 3 menu categories, and under eacg category, you can have up to 5 sub-menus.

The menu can lead to a message, an app page, a website.

Some best practices for B2B WeChat marketing

Content is king

Social media is about content. The right content will bring you the right followers.

Getting followers on WeChat is the main challenge. It is therefore important to identify what type of content your audience is looking for. You can check what your competitors are posting in China.

Your content need to be appealing, interactive, original.

Also your content must be shareable. Marketing on WeChat purpose is to encourage sharing .

Encourage sharing

WeChat encourages one to one sharing and group sharing. Encouraging sharing is not limited to your audience. It is good to encourage your employees to share the content to their own contacts, as employee advocacy is quite effective.

Join WeChat groups

WeChat groups are where users with the same interests exchange ideas, share some informations or knowledges. It can be up to 500 people per group. Find and join WeChat groups related to your industry or market. If your content is value to them, you will get new followers and get some interesting comments.

Set up customer support

People like to contact a brand directly in WeChat after they become your followers. It is then important to make easy for them to contact you through mail or phone. You can set up also some auto-replies.

Be active on WeChat

Users will unsuscribed your account if it is not frequently updated. You need to make sure have your account consistenly updated.

Do you need support to succeed with B2B WeChat marketing ?

WeChat marketing is a great tool for businesses to leverage your products and services to the Chinese customers. But it is also a must have to be visible in China.

Through WeChat, you can also educate your market, engage your audience, and so much more!

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How to promote a brand and sell in China market?

How to promote a brand and sell in China market is different from the approach in the western countries. You cannot copy what you do in western countries.

Branding is everything in China

Many consumers have been cheated with counterfeit products, fake reputable brands and domestic brands that are expensive but of poor quality; accordingly, they become cautious towards unbranded products.

Additionally, Chinese people buy brands not only for the functions they have but also to reflect their social status and improve how other people perceive about them.

Chinese consumers are willing to pay more if the brand can bring them prestige and respect among their social circle. Brand positioning should be first focus for a new brand in China.

In your branding, you need also adapt to Chinese culture and Chinese consumers behaviors. The localisation of the brand is an important step to succeed in China.

You need to buil-up your e-reputation to promote a brand

China social media users are far more active than in other countries and Chinese people are doing everything in their life with their mobile,

Also social media has a larger impact on the buying decisions of Chinese consumers than on those of any other country. If a Chinese consumer sees a product being discussed positively on a social media site, especially by a friend or acquaintance, they are far more likely to actually purchase the product than his or her counterpart in other countries. Peer recommendations have huge influence in Chinese culture, as formal institutions are less likely to be trusted.

As your targeted audience is active on social media, you have to be present on social media, either B2C or B2B.Digital marketing is also for B2B in China

Digital marketing and social media should be first step

Weibo and WeChat are two largest social networking platforms in China. They both have significant influence and play an indispensable role in life.

Wechat is the most powerful APP in China. It is the personal messaging app, social media platform, online payment tool, online shopping place and more; all included in just ONE app. For brands, It is a must to be active on WeChat to sell in China, Check How to open a WeChat official account?

Meanwhile, Weibo, similar to Twitter in western world, is a more open social media platform where users come to socialize with friends and new people, entertain themselves with funny, viral videos as well as discover trendy topics or hot social information.

How to promote a brand and sell in China market?

No matter which platform you choose to do your branding on Chinese social media, high-quality content that users repost or share is the most important element

Weibo is an open platform where even non-followers can view your Weibo posts and the posting default setting is public. In addition, everyone can also see the reposts, comments or likes

Therefore, Weibo is very suitable for viral campaigns or viral contents, which aim to boost brand awareness extensively. Unlike Weibo, WeChat is a closer community.

Normally, WeChat users can only see posts pushed by social accounts to which they subscribe. So your followers on Wechat tend to be more condense and targeted.

Besides, in WeChat, our contact lists are usually the people that we already know such as relatives, friends and colleagues; so we tend to be a bit extra concerned regarding what we share. Therefore, contents on Wechat may not reach a massive audience but can create powerful word of mouth effect.

Besides Weibo and WeChat, there are many other social media which can be also used depending on products and targets.

You need create engagement within a community

Engagement will be created thanks to WeChat interactions with engaging contents. Groups will be set up in order to make emerged KOC ( key opinion consumers) with time to generate more engagement from groups members. Interactive campaigns with games and giveaways are also quite effective in China to generate engagement The use of KOLs could also influence a lot the audience and purchasing decisions but it has become quite expensive. Livestreaming with KOL has become quite powerful in China

Then you can develop E-commerce to sell in China

Social commerce is gaining traction in China. This is understandable when social media is already a place for Chinese consumers to discover new brands, read reviews/ opinions/ experiences of other people with products and services before making purchases. The online shopping function of social media such as WeChat just makes the whole buying process faster, more convenient and thus the conversion rate of social commerce is very high.

The WeChat store is an e-commerce platform that exists within the WeChat app. Thanks to mobile payment, the WeChat offers on-click payment which gives smooth consumer experience.

You can Sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop

WeChat has its own online payment tool – Wechat Pay that is very powerful in driving sales on the platform. Brands can open Wechat shops, which are linked to their social accounts to sell their products or services. These shops are very well-integrated with Wechat by using its interface, online payment, chat function for customer service, log-in and sharing functions …

Social Selling with WeChat in China is really booming, in particular since 2020. The growth of social selling is around 40% per year versus 20% for traditionnal e-commerce.

Then you can enter the e-commerce platforms such as Tmall,, TaoBao if you are visible in China. It takes 1 to 2 years presence on social media to get enough visibility.

Tmall holds the biggest marketshare in the e commerce market in China at 57%, It mainly focuses on premium brands, but it also the most expensive marketplace. However it is the right way to sell your products after your brand has become visible, while keeping also social selling active to keep strong relationship with your communities

Do you need a website to promote a brand and sell in China?

Keep in mind that it is useless to use Google, Facebook, western website….in China due to firewall.

For SEO, you must use Baidu and you must have a Chinese marketing strategy.

WeChat official account will be your Website in China. It is no need on most of cases to build a chinese Website.

Do you want to know more how to promote a brand and sell in China?

Emotion Digital can support your strategy to enter into China market, help you to set up your WeChat marketing solutions and WeChat stores.

Benefit from our integrated Chinese social media approach with expertise on WeChat marketing to increase your brand awareness, boost and nurture your leads and sales.

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Sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop

Sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop is a smart investment for new brands looking to enter China market.

Cross-Border refers to an online trade between a business and a consumer located in a different country through marketplace platforms and e-commerce sites.

The Covid-19 has put the cross-border at the forefront with international travel shutdown.

Cross-border commerce has become a quite effective way for international companies to develop into China market without setting up a company in China.

It is quite attractive for SME, or for new brands to test the market before investing further.

Cross-border commerce is a relay of growth for brands outside of China to start entering the Chinese market while minimizing the risk.

China is a digital mobile country where you can do everything on mobile, especially on WeChat. You can sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop.

Social Selling with WeChat in China is growing fast. Social commerce is growing at 40% rate versus 20% for traditional e-commerce. It represents already USD360 billions in China versus USD 36 billions in US.

CBEC (Cross-border e-commerce) represents more than $100 billions in 2020, including social commerce.

All these numbers show that it is the smart choice for international companies to enter China with CBEC if not yet in China, and that social commerce can be the first step. This is even more true for SME.

How to enter and sell to China market for new brands?

Branding is first in China. Without brand e-reputation and awareness, you cannot succeed.

First step to enter China is to develop your brand awareness on Chinese social media, WeChat and Weibo in particular.

It will take 2 years about to establish your brand in China.

You need first to open a WeChat official account: Check here How to open a WeChat official account?

With WeChat, you will nurture your leads and develop a community. WeChat has lots of tools which can help you to grow your community and brand awareness, as it is really at the heart of the customer journey.

Then you can start to sell your products with WeChat with an e-shop.

Sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop, is really the most cost effective way to test or enter the market for SME or small brands.

WeChat stores give the brands the opportunity of entering the market step by step. The cross-border store is leveraging WeChat power to build a direct relationship with your customers.

Later-on when you are ready committing substantial investment, you can open store on Tmall global or worldwide, or any other platforms. In parallel, you must keep your social selling on WeChat as social selling will continue to grow in China in coming years.

When you will open stores on main traditional e-commerce platforms, you should consider a cross-platform strategy to be put in place.

Regarding comparison between main Ecommerce platforms and WeChat shop, herein for reference:

Our recommandation:

  • WeChat social commerce is a good China market entry point for western brands to enter China thanks to its integrated ecosystem
  • Tmall or are promotion heavy platforms with dominating traffic resource, more suitable for well known brands. You need ready to invest for long term

The WeChat store

The shop itself is built within WeChat, and linked with your official account.

The consumer will use a smartphone to browse products in your WeChat store. It is only one click away from making a purchase.

Then She/he will use WeChat pay to pay in one click.

Without leaving WeChat, consumers can finish a closed-loop purchasing process from learning about your products to finishing the payment.

When set up a WeChat store, it also requires to integrate the payment method with WeChat pay, to connect the shop with a warehouse, to register in China customs, and tie into a foreign payment gateway in the backend.

Of course, the WeChat store must be built in Chinese.

Strategy of CBEC shipping

In China, it is better to have short time delivery. It is then better to organize the supply Chain using the bonded importing model.

Many e-commerce pilot zones/free trade zones have been set up. You can then store your goods in a bonded warehouse in China mainland. The bonded warehouse model is more suitable for higher sales volumes and long-term solution.

On the payment is completed in WeChat, the logistic operator at the free trade zone connected to the WeChat store clears customs and dispatch the product.

Most of the FTZ logistics operators manage the WeChat stores stocks, inventories and distribution.

It is also possible to use the personal parcel or Business commercial shipping at the very start of entering China, but it gives longer delivery time. It is called the direct shipping model, products are shipped one by one.

Opening a Cross-border shop in WeChat

It is a project by itself.

It requires to follow a process and planning to be managed. It takes between one and 2 months to accomplish all steps.

We recommend brands to use a digital marketing expert with CBEC expertise to open a cross-border shop in WeChat together with the opening of the official account.

Emotion Digital can support your strategy to enter into China, help you to set up your WeChat marketing solutions and CBEC WeChat store.

Sell to China with cross-border WeChat e-shop is the right approach to enter China for unknown or small brands in China.

Benefit from our integrated Chinese social media approach with expertise on WeChat marketing to increase your brand awareness, boost and nurture your leads and sales.

Contact us, if you want to know more about China cross-border e-commerce and China marketing.

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Written by : Jean-Yves Laguillez

Digital marketing during Chinese New Year

chinese new year

Before explaining about digital marketing during Chinese New Year, what is Chinese New Year ? Lunar New Year falls on February 12 this year as we bid farewell to the Year of the Rat and usher in the Year of the Ox.It is most festive time of the whole year for Chinese.

“The ox, in Chinese culture, is a hardworking zodiac sign. It usually signifies movements so, hopefully, the world will be less static than last year and get moving again in the second half of the year after the pandemic.Ox is the symbol of diligence.

Lunar New Year preparations during Covid-19

The pandemic has forced many to change the way they celebrate Lunar New Year.

In China, many preparations and celebrations are expected to be done virtually as the government has asked its citizens not to travel home to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
In response, some tourist sites are offering free entry for those forced to spend the holiday away from their families. Meanwhile, companies have launched tools for people to have a “cloud lunar new year,” providing everything from virtual markets to conference tools for online reunion dinners.

But no matter how one celebrates, there’s a lot of preparation involved if you want to follow the Lunar New Year according to traditions.

To know more about the main traditions:

It begins about a week ahead of the new year.On the 26th day of the last lunar month — February 7 this year — festive cakes and puddings are made which means growth for the next year.

The big cleansing is done on the 28th day, which is February 9 this year.

Lunar New Year fortune banners are hung on the 29th day, February 10.Normally, Lunar New Year fairs will be set up during the last days of the lunar year, most selling trinkets and flowers for the new year.

But because of the pandemic, many cities have downsized or canceled their festivities.

The year usually wraps up with a big family reunion dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve, which falls on February 11 this year.

The menu is carefully chosen to include dishes associated with luck, including fish (the Chinese word for it sounds like the word for “surplus”), puddings (symbolizes advancement) and foods that look like gold ingots (like dumplings).After the feast, families will stay up past midnight to welcome in the new year.

The entire festival lasts 15 days

Though many Western nations refer to the Lunar New Year/Spring Festival holiday as Chinese New Year, bear in mind it’s celebrated not just in Chinese communities all over the world but other Asian nations such as Vietnam and South Korea.

Countries that observe Lunar New Year often offer three to seven days of public holidays but celebrations aren’t complete until the 15th day of the first lunar month, also known as the Lantern Festival. (Lunar New Year in 2021 lasts from February 12 to February 26.)

Families tend to have different sets of rules and traditions, but most will bless each other with auspicious words like “san tai gin hong” or “shen ti jian kang” (wish you good health).

During normal times, when people aren’t in lockdown, they’re expected to visit relatives and friends during the festival — except for the third day of the month. Day three of Lunar New Year (which falls on Valentine’s Day this year) is named chi kou, or red mouth.

What you need to know about digital marketing during Chinese New Year ?

For brands, Chinese New Year is one of the most important times for marketing and advertising to Chinese audiences, as Chinese New Year gives us the much anticipated permission to shop for gifting, for self-upgrading, or, for no obvious reason at all. So every Chinese New Year, advertisers battle it out for Chinese consumers’ attention. This year is no different. 

For Chinese people, giving red packets with “Lucky Money” inside and sending good wishes is at the top of the must-do list during Chinese New Year. 

In 2014, WeChat first launched a function allowing users to send digital red packets with real money via WeChat chats. It soon transformed the way of red packet giving. Now led by WeChat and Alipay, almost all main social media platforms allow users to send digital red packets to each other. How to open a WeChat official account?

Brands, too, have adopted digital red packets as an essential marketing tactic. This year WeChat opened access for brands to customise their digital red packet design, which has attracted a wide range of brands including most famous fashion brands to launch their own digital red packets for the Chinese audience on WeChat.

Digital red packets are a great way to engage with your Chinese audience, offering them cultural relevance as well as brand-specific communication. If you want to know more about digital marketing during Chinese New Year, do not hesitate to ask us. Our Chinese team will be happy to share more with you!

Emotion Digital wish you all a happy New Year ! Health and prosperity!Happy New Year of the Ox!

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How to sell your cosmetic with XiaoHongshu ? XHS or XIAOHONGSHU is a trusted social shopping platform in China,with a concentration of female users (87%), 85% of which are under the age of 35.

And it’s one of the best platforms to sell your cosmetics brand.

WeChat and Weibo are the must have media platforms for building your brand in China, but other platforms such as little Red Book ( XiaoHongshu in Chinese) should be also used in particular for fashion and cosmetics.

In WeChat, you can connect with your customers in a direct personal way by offering personal contents, personal deals, loyalty programs.

Meanwhile in Weibo, you can build your brand’s reputation and visibility through an official account and through targeted advertisement.

Little Red Book or XiaHongShu has become the social platform for the beauty which makes its a mustplatform to sell cosmetic brand.
Like Instagram and Pinterest rolled in one, its users get to review and recommend a product.
Word of mouth is such an important factor in cosmetics.

To enter China market, you can sell your cosmetic with XiaHongShu. To know more about Little Red Book ( XiaoHongShu), check XiaoHongShu (Little Red Book) – A social app for brands to execute a marketing campaign in China

Herein 5 tips to sell your cosmetic on XiaoHongShu:

1. Have a verified brand account.

2. Connect to users by displaying your products.

3. Study and analyze your competitors and learn from them.

4. Work with KOLs or influencers.

5. Have a solid marketing strategy and optimise your e-commerce

Many cosmetics brands have a successful omnichannel marketing strategy with a high presence on various chinese social media platforms. You need to make sure of the consistency of the brand identity and designs.

Find out more:

And lastly, partner with an expert to boost your brand’s exposure and gain a loyal following.Emotion Digital is here to help your comestics brand to build its presence in China. We can help you set up your roadmap for market entry and implement the solutions.

You can book a free consulting call here:

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Digital marketing is also for B2B in China

Digital marketing is also for B2B in China. With WeChat marketing, you can build your brand in China.

If you are not present on Chinese Social media, you do not exist in China. And this trend is even more true post Covid-19.

In B2B, the communication between companies is also between people who are used to consume and be on digital for their life.

(read also Is WeChat worth using in a marketing campaign for B2B ? )

China is a digital and mobile country.

Email is not the right channel to communicate with customers or suppliers. And employees are also using platforms such as WeChat for work and communication.

At the foundation of a good marketing strategy, there is the education of the market to create awareness of your brand and products and services. Social media are also the right solution for market education. Then seminars, fairs can be run together to increase touching points when back to normal time after Covid-19 crisis.

Herein the basics of a marketing strategy:

The double We: Weibo and WeChat for lead generation and to nurture your leads.

You need to open official accounts for both Weibo and WeChat. Official account is a trusted account which has been certified.

Weibo is good tool to attract leads to your WeChat account. On WeChat, you will nurture your leads through personal interactions.

WeChat groups will help you to educate the market thanks to the sharing function. Companies can communicate and answer to their leads and customers on the WeChat platform.

It is also easy to show your products on WeChat thanks to H5 pages or mini programs.

Make sure that the accounts are manned, that questions are answered quickly.

Baidu: the search engine to implement SEO and SEM strategy .

Google does not work in China. Potential customers need be able to search for your products on Baidu.

You need run a Baidu PPC campaign to make sure that your ads can show on the top position where you target your leads. This will drive traffic to your website or platforms.

You can invest in a quality chinese website that meet B2B customers just to be ranked on Baidu to let customers find you. The website can be done after few months from China entry.

Zhihu: equivalent to Quora.

It is the professional platform in China and also quite a good place to educate market. Many experts are using Zhihu in China. You can ask questions to get answers


For leads generation if your community is very well connected with Western world. Linkedin is a good B2B platform, unfortunately many Chinese companies are not using it

Digital marketing is also for B2B in China such as WeChat marketing. And this is different from western countries.

Find out more:

Emotion Digital can help you define your B2B digital marketing roadmap and implement it effectively. You can follow us on Linkedin . And contact us for a first free consulting call to support you about your Chinese B2B journey.Book your call here:

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Social Selling with WeChat in China

Do you know that you can sell in China without going through e-commerce platforms?

Social selling with WeChat in China is exploding with growth of more than 100%, far more than in any other country in the world, this with an e-commerce market 3 times larger than the U.S. market which is the second largest market.

The different regulations regarding the use of personal is also beneficial to the growth of social selling.

Social selling with WeChat in China is also exploding.

WeChat is the largest social network in China with over a billion users. It covers all the functions of social selling for both brands and consumers.

Without leaving the platform, you can learn about the products, communicate with your network, buy the products, do customer services. It is not possible to do this on the platforms we know in the Western world.

Why WeChat is a must for your business ?

For brands, WeChat allows:

  • Low cost for greater efficiency, especially with visual and interactive mini-programs that engage and sell to customers
  • The features of social sharing reduce customer acquisition costs, and that is really the power of WeChat with a good marketing strategy. Consumers then become promoters. And this reduces acquisition costs
  • Targeted marketing with the use of data collected by WeChat, using users’ social circles and CRM
  • The ability to retain customers through a number of features that allow promotional activities, games,…

For consumers, they benefit from a continuous customer experience. Customers can play games, send gifts, customizeproducts, pay for purchases, ask questions about products and all this without ever leaving the platform.

This power of WeChat for social selling comes from the ability to create and use mini-programs in the WeChat platform. Most  mini-programs can be created by app developers in a matter of days or weeks. Pages are less than 2MB, and can be easily shared in WeChat.

The benefits of mini-programs for brands are:

  • Making their own shops with visual slides,  videos…
  • Offering customer service
  • Analyze customer data to improve offering and target marketing
  • Loyalty to customers

These mini-programs allow brands to control their traffic, and e-commerce traffic data.

Social selling with WeChat in China is particularly suitable for small companies without large marketing budget or structure in China. Emotion Digital can help you to develop your social selling strategy in China, just fill-up the form with your questions

It must be part of any digital marketing strategy to penetrate China market in B to C.

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