Digital marketing is also for B2B in China

Digital marketing is also for B2B in China. With WeChat marketing, you can build your brand in China.

If you are not present on Chinese Social media, you do not exist in China. And this trend is even more true post Covid-19.

In B2B, the communication between companies is also between people who are used to consume and be on digital for their life.

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China is a digital and mobile country.

Email is not the right channel to communicate with customers or suppliers. And employees are also using platforms such as WeChat for work and communication.

At the foundation of a good marketing strategy, there is the education of the market to create awareness of your brand and products and services. Social media are also the right solution for market education. Then seminars, fairs can be run together to increase touching points when back to normal time after Covid-19 crisis.

Herein the basics of a marketing strategy:

The double We: Weibo and WeChat for lead generation and to nurture your leads.

You need to open official accounts for both Weibo and WeChat. Official account is a trusted account which has been certified.

Weibo is good tool to attract leads to your WeChat account. On WeChat, you will nurture your leads through personal interactions.

WeChat groups will help you to educate the market thanks to the sharing function. Companies can communicate and answer to their leads and customers on the WeChat platform.

It is also easy to show your products on WeChat thanks to H5 pages or mini programs.

Make sure that the accounts are manned, that questions are answered quickly.

Baidu: the search engine to implement SEO and SEM strategy .

Google does not work in China. Potential customers need be able to search for your products on Baidu.

You need run a Baidu PPC campaign to make sure that your ads can show on the top position where you target your leads. This will drive traffic to your website or platforms.

You can invest in a quality chinese website that meet B2B customers just to be ranked on Baidu to let customers find you. The website can be done after few months from China entry.

Zhihu: equivalent to Quora.

It is the professional platform in China and also quite a good place to educate market. Many experts are using Zhihu in China. You can ask questions to get answers


For leads generation if your community is very well connected with Western world. Linkedin is a good B2B platform, unfortunately many Chinese companies are not using it

Digital marketing is also for B2B in China such as WeChat marketing. And this is different from western countries.

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Social Selling with WeChat in China

Do you know that you can sell in China without going through e-commerce platforms?

Social selling with WeChat in China is exploding with growth of more than 100%, far more than in any other country in the world, this with an e-commerce market 3 times larger than the U.S. market which is the second largest market.

The different regulations regarding the use of personal is also beneficial to the growth of social selling.

Social selling with WeChat in China is also exploding.

WeChat is the largest social network in China with over a billion users. It covers all the functions of social selling for both brands and consumers.

Without leaving the platform, you can learn about the products, communicate with your network, buy the products, do customer services. It is not possible to do this on the platforms we know in the Western world.

Why WeChat is a must for your business ?

For brands, WeChat allows:

  • Low cost for greater efficiency, especially with visual and interactive mini-programs that engage and sell to customers
  • The features of social sharing reduce customer acquisition costs, and that is really the power of WeChat with a good marketing strategy. Consumers then become promoters. And this reduces acquisition costs
  • Targeted marketing with the use of data collected by WeChat, using users’ social circles and CRM
  • The ability to retain customers through a number of features that allow promotional activities, games,…

For consumers, they benefit from a continuous customer experience. Customers can play games, send gifts, customizeproducts, pay for purchases, ask questions about products and all this without ever leaving the platform.

This power of WeChat for social selling comes from the ability to create and use mini-programs in the WeChat platform. Most  mini-programs can be created by app developers in a matter of days or weeks. Pages are less than 2MB, and can be easily shared in WeChat.

The benefits of mini-programs for brands are:

  • Making their own shops with visual slides,  videos…
  • Offering customer service
  • Analyze customer data to improve offering and target marketing
  • Loyalty to customers

These mini-programs allow brands to control their traffic, and e-commerce traffic data.

Social selling with WeChat in China is particularly suitable for small companies without large marketing budget or structure in China. Emotion Digital can help you to develop your social selling strategy in China, just fill-up the form with your questions

It must be part of any digital marketing strategy to penetrate China market in B to C.

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