How to use Weibo for brands marketing ?

Weibo for brands marketing

Instant messages, a limit of 2000 characters by posts, pictures grids, short videos, Weibo’s functionalities look similar to Twitter, used in western countries. At the beginning, Weibo was made for personal use but more and more brands are active on Weibo because companies can build databases, promote their brand image and drive traffic to their website.

According to Statista, as of the first quarter of 2021, Weibo’s monthly active users amounted to around 530 million. Weibo is not only a tool for boosting brands’ visibility, but also a tool for brands to better understand Chinese audiences and get closer to customers.

Here are the good practices of doing marketing for brands on Weibo :

Building brands’ notoriety through search function

Using search function allows the user to find posts related to keywords on the research box. By jumping on trending topics, brands’ posts will be kept under the topics related to the post’s description.

Besides, the posts can be consulted at any time and by everyone, unlike the companys’ accounts on Wechat where users have to subscribe to be aware of the latest publications. 

As for famous events like Chinese New Year, 520 Festival (as known as Valentine’s Day) or the upcoming 618 Shopping Festival (as known as the largest mid-year shopping festival in China), brands are launching presales campaigns for ongoing products or limited edition products.

Chaumet, the French luxury jewelry and watchmaking brand, has chosen as brand ambassador the famous Chinese actor and singer Zhang Yixing (Lay Zhang) for a series of love-themed jewelry.

Weibo’s account of Chaumet about luxury jewelry for 520 Festival

Content share facilities

Cross-channel is the key. When scrolling down the timeline, users can easily share a post from Weibo to Wechat. 2 options will be suggested : create a post on the user’s Wechat account (it will appear on friends’ Wechat Moments) or send to a friend by message (private traffic). After going through Wechat, the user can go back to Weibo and keep on browsing or stay on Wechat.

Creating a post on Wechat including a Weibo’s link

Creating a post on Wechat including a Weibo’s link

Sending a message to a friend on Wechat including a Weibo’s link

Sending a message to a friend on Wechat including a Weibo’s link

Weibo’s user journey highlights these types of actions :

  • Passive (scrolling down content)
  • Active (commenting and liking)
  • Reactivity (sharing on other social medias)

E-commerce integration

Through its partnership with Taobao, Weibo users can put links to Taobao store and products’ page in their posts.

Products' page links on Weibo

Video of @kakakaoo about L’Oreal lipstick on Weibo

Running campaigns

Targeting is quite precise on Weibo and the Chinese audiences’ ages vary from 14 to 60 years old. Brands can tailor campaigns in the format of display ads or Weibo search engine promotion.

Selling via live streaming 

As on Douyin, Wechat and Xiaohongshu, buying during a live streaming is one of the best time selling opportunities since live broadcasting gives the viewers the feeling of proximity and authenticity with the broadcaster. 

Live streaming on Weibo

Live streaming of jade jewelry selling


How to sell your cosmetic with XiaoHongshu ? XHS or XIAOHONGSHU is a trusted social shopping platform in China,with a concentration of female users (87%), 85% of which are under the age of 35.

And it’s one of the best platforms to sell your cosmetics brand.

WeChat and Weibo are the must have media platforms for building your brand in China, but other platforms such as little Red Book ( XiaoHongshu in Chinese) should be also used in particular for fashion and cosmetics.

In WeChat, you can connect with your customers in a direct personal way by offering personal contents, personal deals, loyalty programs.

Meanwhile in Weibo, you can build your brand’s reputation and visibility through an official account and through targeted advertisement.

Little Red Book or XiaHongShu has become the social platform for the beauty which makes its a mustplatform to sell cosmetic brand.
Like Instagram and Pinterest rolled in one, its users get to review and recommend a product.
Word of mouth is such an important factor in cosmetics.

To enter China market, you can sell your cosmetic with XiaHongShu. To know more about Little Red Book ( XiaoHongShu), check XiaoHongShu (Little Red Book) – A social app for brands to execute a marketing campaign in China

Herein 5 tips to sell your cosmetic on XiaoHongShu:

1. Have a verified brand account.

2. Connect to users by displaying your products.

3. Study and analyze your competitors and learn from them.

4. Work with KOLs or influencers.

5. Have a solid marketing strategy and optimise your e-commerce

Many cosmetics brands have a successful omnichannel marketing strategy with a high presence on various chinese social media platforms. You need to make sure of the consistency of the brand identity and designs.

Find out more:

And lastly, partner with an expert to boost your brand’s exposure and gain a loyal following.Emotion Digital is here to help your comestics brand to build its presence in China. We can help you set up your roadmap for market entry and implement the solutions.

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Digital marketing is also for B2B in China

Digital marketing is also for B2B in China. With WeChat marketing, you can build your brand in China.

If you are not present on Chinese Social media, you do not exist in China. And this trend is even more true post Covid-19.

In B2B, the communication between companies is also between people who are used to consume and be on digital for their life.

(read also Is WeChat worth using in a marketing campaign for B2B ? )

China is a digital and mobile country.

Email is not the right channel to communicate with customers or suppliers. And employees are also using platforms such as WeChat for work and communication.

At the foundation of a good marketing strategy, there is the education of the market to create awareness of your brand and products and services. Social media are also the right solution for market education. Then seminars, fairs can be run together to increase touching points when back to normal time after Covid-19 crisis.

Herein the basics of a marketing strategy:

The double We: Weibo and WeChat for lead generation and to nurture your leads.

You need to open official accounts for both Weibo and WeChat. Official account is a trusted account which has been certified.

Weibo is good tool to attract leads to your WeChat account. On WeChat, you will nurture your leads through personal interactions.

WeChat groups will help you to educate the market thanks to the sharing function. Companies can communicate and answer to their leads and customers on the WeChat platform.

It is also easy to show your products on WeChat thanks to H5 pages or mini programs.

Make sure that the accounts are manned, that questions are answered quickly.

Baidu: the search engine to implement SEO and SEM strategy .

Google does not work in China. Potential customers need be able to search for your products on Baidu.

You need run a Baidu PPC campaign to make sure that your ads can show on the top position where you target your leads. This will drive traffic to your website or platforms.

You can invest in a quality chinese website that meet B2B customers just to be ranked on Baidu to let customers find you. The website can be done after few months from China entry.

Zhihu: equivalent to Quora.

It is the professional platform in China and also quite a good place to educate market. Many experts are using Zhihu in China. You can ask questions to get answers


For leads generation if your community is very well connected with Western world. Linkedin is a good B2B platform, unfortunately many Chinese companies are not using it

Digital marketing is also for B2B in China such as WeChat marketing. And this is different from western countries.

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Do you know about DingZhen effect?

How can brands capture the attention of the domestic tourism market in China?

990 millions views with the DingZhen effect thanks to authenticity !!
Tashi #DingZhen, is born in Sichuan village of Litang. Recently he became a social media star after a photo of his bright and innocent smile together with pure and beautiful sceneries.

His videos about beautiful landscapes in Tibet and Sichuan have been seen 150 millions times within few days. After 2 weeks Douyin account opening, he has got more than 4 millions followers!
People are so enthusiastic about Ding Zhen thanks to the recognition of the value of the humanistic ecology behind him, and his authenticity.

Lots of tourism attractions and authorities have invite DingZhen in their WeChat and Weibo accounts to make promotion, taking advantage of the shift to shorter trips distance after Covid.

Now even some food or cosmetics brands also use DingZhen for promotion with the growth of the virality.

The reason is that Chinese consumers are getting more attracted by authentic people and sceneries, and about social and #sustainability engagement.

Chinese consumers are getting tired of the flashy style of travel.

To learn more about WeChat marketing in China, you can check our Linkedin company page


Western brands need to take into account the Chinese culture and quick shift of consumer behaviors in their digitalmarketing  strategy. It is important in order to capture emotions of consumers and develop their brand reputation and sales in China.

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