How to sell your cosmetic with XiaoHongshu ? XHS or XIAOHONGSHU is a trusted social shopping platform in China,with a concentration of female users (87%), 85% of which are under the age of 35.

And it’s one of the best platforms to sell your cosmetics brand.

WeChat and Weibo are the must have media platforms for building your brand in China, but other platforms such as little Red Book ( XiaoHongshu in Chinese) should be also used in particular for fashion and cosmetics.

In WeChat, you can connect with your customers in a direct personal way by offering personal contents, personal deals, loyalty programs.

Meanwhile in Weibo, you can build your brand’s reputation and visibility through an official account and through targeted advertisement.

Little Red Book or XiaHongShu has become the social platform for the beauty which makes its a mustplatform to sell cosmetic brand.
Like Instagram and Pinterest rolled in one, its users get to review and recommend a product.
Word of mouth is such an important factor in cosmetics.

To enter China market, you can sell your cosmetic with XiaHongShu. To know more about Little Red Book ( XiaoHongShu), check XiaoHongShu (Little Red Book) – A social app for brands to execute a marketing campaign in China

Herein 5 tips to sell your cosmetic on XiaoHongShu:

1. Have a verified brand account.

2. Connect to users by displaying your products.

3. Study and analyze your competitors and learn from them.

4. Work with KOLs or influencers.

5. Have a solid marketing strategy and optimise your e-commerce

Many cosmetics brands have a successful omnichannel marketing strategy with a high presence on various chinese social media platforms. You need to make sure of the consistency of the brand identity and designs.

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