How can brands capture the attention of the domestic tourism market in China?

990 millions views with the DingZhen effect thanks to authenticity !!
Tashi #DingZhen, is born in Sichuan village of Litang. Recently he became a social media star after a photo of his bright and innocent smile together with pure and beautiful sceneries.

His videos about beautiful landscapes in Tibet and Sichuan have been seen 150 millions times within few days. After 2 weeks Douyin account opening, he has got more than 4 millions followers!
People are so enthusiastic about Ding Zhen thanks to the recognition of the value of the humanistic ecology behind him, and his authenticity.

Lots of tourism attractions and authorities have invite DingZhen in their WeChat and Weibo accounts to make promotion, taking advantage of the shift to shorter trips distance after Covid.

Now even some food or cosmetics brands also use DingZhen for promotion with the growth of the virality.

The reason is that Chinese consumers are getting more attracted by authentic people and sceneries, and about social and #sustainability engagement.

Chinese consumers are getting tired of the flashy style of travel.

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Western brands need to take into account the Chinese culture and quick shift of consumer behaviors in their digitalmarketing  strategy. It is important in order to capture emotions of consumers and develop their brand reputation and sales in China.

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