Today, implementing influencers or Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in a brand’s strategy is very efficient and even essential to reach the right customers

By their large audience (+29 millions followers on Li Jiaqi’s Weibo account), KOL are heavily influencing their followers’ purchasing decisions by presenting a product. Nonetheless, they often belong to influencers agencies with whom you have to negotiate the price and well-known KOL require a lot of money.

When choosing the right KOL, brands should make sure that the KOL content fits with the brand image, and that the audience is the right one.

You also need to be aware that many KOLs are fake and you need to make your own due diligence to choose a KOL.

Apart from KOL, a new group of influencers is more and more effective than big influencers : Key Opinion Consumers (KOC)

Here is the reasons why small and medium companies should consider to bring KOC in their marketing campaigns :

KOC are followed because of their lifestyle rather than popularity

Fashion and cosmetics addict on Xiaohongshu

Today, followers tend to follow other people that share personal stories and inspire by their personal lifestyle (healthy food, pet education and nutrition, field of studies, gaming…).

KOC don’t work in influencers agencies but by showing pieces of their daily life on social media, they indirectly influence their community.

For example, the last bag they purchased in sales, the new brand pet food they bought online or the food delivery service mobile app they recommend, all represent influence on their followers’ decision of consumption.

KOC are more accessible than KOL

Food recipes on Xiaohongshu

With a smaller audience (less than 30 000 followers) than KOL, KOC can easily get in touch with their followers and can give some recommendations to them based on their own experience.

KOC are trustworthy

Showing dog food, clothes and accessories on Xiaohongshu

When buying products, people are more likely to talk to a “friend” than a brand ambassador that promotes products. People are looking for authenticity and advice.

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