For people living in China, WeChat simply does all what you need during all day and night. It allows users to chat with their friends or relatives, book taxis, pay phone or electricity bills, read the news, give a donation, do shopping on some brands e-shops. The list of things you can do on WeChat is growing fast in past 2 years.

WeChat is the largest social network in China with more than 1,2 billion users.  You cannot afford to not using this app in China for your personal life, for business , or at work.

It’s not just for personal use either.  Most of companies in China use WeChat Work ( called WeCom) for internal corporate communications, Sales people manage and pushing for leads generation through WeChat, purchasers are looking for suppliers on WeChat and some companies sell directly through their official accounts. More and more foreing company are doing cross-border sales through WeChat.

Having a presence on the WeChat platform isn’t just nice to have, it is a must. Either your company is in B2B or B2C, your audience in China is on WeChat.

Your WeChat Official Account is your Chinese Website

Establishing a presence on WeChat is a task that every business operating in China should do. Then the level of investment depends on your type of business. It is clear that an industrial B2B should invest less in WeChat than a B2C in beauty or fashion. There is no need for a machinery company to spend on advertising with KOLs for instance. But a basic WeChat presence is a must. Every business in China should have an official account.

As WeChat is its own ecosystem, WeChat official accounts act almost like a website. On WeChat official account, you can post content, receive messages, and build a brand. In fact, many businesses in China invest minimal amounts into building their websites instead they to choose to focus their marketing expenditures on WeChat.

For brands, WeChat is quite powerful thanks to WeChat Mini-Programs ( basic apps). WeChat mini-programs are easy to code, cost-effective, and have similar functionalities versus traditional apps or websites. And you can develop e-commerce with the mini-programs.

Nearly every business operating in China should have a WeChat official account. While your business might not need to invest heavily in creating a WeChat marketing strategy, at the very least get an official account set-up!

You need to build up trust

One of the most important reasons for using WeChat in China is the fact that it inspires a sense of trust in a company from Chinese netizens. It’s for this reason that nearly every company in China has at least a simple WeChat marketing strategy.

In China, Chinese consumers expect to at least be able to find a WeChat account explaining what a company does.

A WeChat official account makes a company look more legitimate as at the very least a business license is required to open one. It also serves as a place that users can message the company through and get customer services or informations.  

Even if you don’t plan on engaging in WeChat marketing having an account set-up could go a long way towards building trust among your target consumers.

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